Agni- IV successfully test fired from Balasore in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: Agni-IV, a nuclear capable ballistic missile, was successfully test fired from Balasore in Odisha on Monday.

Agni IV has been designed and developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). It is 20 metres long and weighs 17 tonnes.The missile is capable of carrying a one-tonne nuclear warhead up to a distance of 4,000 km.

Agni-IV is the sixth test of the missile and second user associate launch. Earlier, it has been successfully test launched five times, in 2011, 2012, 2014 (two tests) and 2015.

About Ballistic Missile:

  • Agni IV is the fourth in the Agni series missile which has been designed by DRDO.
  • It can carry  a warhead of one tonne and is designed to increase the kill efficiency along with a higher range performance.
  • It is two-stage, surface-to-surface missile and can be fired from a road mobile launcher
  • Agni-IV has undergone one failed and four successful tests within five years.