In Jharkhand, Modi will visit Hazaribagh and Ranchi where he will unveil multiple Projects pertaining to health, education, water supply and sanitation. These projects are expected to benefit the tribal population of Jharkhand. He will inaugurate three medical college buildings at Hazaribagh, Dumka and Palamu.

He said, "I am not supporting anyone. No party should use my picture or outfit's logo. My party has no support in the upcoming parliamentary election to any parties. So no one should use my photo or flags in the name of Rajini Makkal Mandram and Rajini Fan Club should not be used to support or campaign for any party."

The congress chief, keeping all the political rancor aside, stands by the government in this difficult time and conveys a strong message to the terror groups.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted not only wished her but also praised her for her remarkable skills as a leader: "Greetings to Sushma Swaraj ji on her birthday. Sushma ji is one of the most remarkable leaders of our nation. She has distinguished herself as an outstanding minister and her oratory is par excellence. Her role in strengthening BJP is key. Praying for her long and healthy life."

Congress popularity in this area is such as many remote villages in this region recognize only the Congress' hand symbol and remember only former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

The Congress has constantly denied allegations leveled against Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law, Robert Vadra's, alleging that that the actions of the investigating agencies are being driven by the ruling BJP.

They have lost Uttar Pradesh, but more than an election, they have lost the faith that the youth of this country reposed in them. They have betrayed the aspirations and hopes of crores of young people in their blind pursuit of creating a monochrome India.

Mr. Gandhi criticized Modi government for not fulfilling its promises, “What kind of a prime minister is this, who can’t fulfil a promise he made to the people of Andhra Pradesh. Is Andhra Pradesh not a part of this country that he is not fulfilling the commitment he made to the state? Mr. Modi has got no credibility left. I assure you, in coming days the Opposition will show BJP its true place.”