Stop Delhi University from going the JNU way, urge students

Stop Delhi University from going the JNU way, urge students
Stop Delhi University from going the JNU way, urge students
New Delhi: Wednesday developments at Ramjas College of Delhi University have made it clearly visible that there are some efforts to convert the DU the JNU way. At least, Delhi University students fraternity and the role of administration in supporting ABVP members  who are virtually creating panic in the north campus has started making people speculate the same.
The problem started when they announced to present Umar Khalid, who wanted to to participate in a academic discussion over his Phd thesis. The ABVP took over the entire event before one could understand the reason of such scuffle and the students have went fizzy over the incident. There are a number of blogs and social media posts coming up to show the agitation of the scholars in general.
Here is such a post that we found written on the Facebook wall of one among these many agitated students across the country:

“Remember this- For the ABVP hooligans who have been indulging in blatant violence since yesterday, this is their moment of glory. For any student politician acts of rioting, molestation, threatening and intimidation are acts of CV building. Every strand of hair that they collect from dragging a girl by her hair or any pieces of clothing that get stuck after a visible resistance are symbols of success and effort. When a senior politician assesses the utility of a student leader with regards to the party’s future, he doesn’t test knowledge of the Constitution or understanding of democracy. He sees your influence, power, yes-men and your ability to twist law and order in an exploitative situation. Most of these youngsters believe that a criminal record will earn favor from top bosses who might pass on their privilege and impunity. Impunity will and always remain their end goal.

So how do you fight someone who does not believe in consequences? Someone who thrives on anti-social activities and reaction? The answer is you don’t. For your own sake and the people in your life like friends and family who have invested in your well-being, education and rationality. What you can do is, educate them.

Books for stones.

They need to be attacked with books that talk about history, law, culture, literature, economics even grammar that can make them realize the importance of being a civilized human being. Their timeline, inbox needs to be flooded with facts, trivia, figures, analysis about anything and everything that is relevant in today’s society. They need to be held by the collar and recited developments in science, technology and other fields of research. They need to be tortured with current affairs and how we are benefiting from them.

Because most of these people have never read a book in their lives and probably never will. If you throw a copy of the constitution or a rolled up Indian Express paper at a protester, it will not cause much physical damage. But it will hurt somewhere deep inside. Sooner or later. Knowledge can intimidate and insult them.

Aap shaktishali, balvaan, veer aur sahasi se lad sakte ho, lekin murkh, bewakoof, jaahil aur buddhu se nahi. The revolution will not be televised but it can be cited from credible sources, compiled in a neat paragraph form and handed out to people who believe they are the law and order. Cause they are not.”

The post was written by Amil Bhatnagar on his facebook wall…