Eating with hand is more health-friendly, avoid cutlery

Eating with hand is more health-friendly, avoid cutlery
Eating with hand is more health-friendly, avoid cutlery

Lucknow: Spoon and forks are a common sight on dining tables these days. This is considered to be a sign of modern and sophisticated living. However, there is a saying in  Indian scripture:

eating food with your hands feeds not only body but also the mind and spirit”

Vedic Wisdom

According to the Vedas, the digits on our toes and fingers represent five elements. These elements works on food which helps cleansing negative vibes and preparing it for us to eat. These actions which are involved in eating have been derived from ‘mudras’ (hand positions) that are the basis of their yoga, meditation and classical Indian dance.

The five elements present in our fingers are:


Thumb: Fire

Index finger: Air

Middle finger: Heaven

Ring finger: Earth

Little finger: Water

Importance of eating with hands


When we eat food, our fingers come in  contact with the food before putting in the mouth.

The nerves in our fingers sense the temperature and texture of foods.

This prepares the brain for what we are going to eat which helps it to release the appropriate digestive juice and enzymes.

Your mouth will never burn while eating with hands.


We are thought to have a certain kind of good bacteria which protect us from the harmful bacteria in the environment.

These bacterias are present in our hands, mouth, throat, intestine, gut and in rest parts of digestive system.

This pattern of bacteria is maintained when we eat with our hands and thus, we are protected from harmful bacteria.

Although, it is important to wash our hands before eating.

Feel of satisfaction:

When we eat with our hands we pay attention on what we are eating.

Mindless eating is one of the biggest causes of weight gain.