Donald Trump’s ‘s**thole’ remark draws outrage in Africa

Donald Trump slams Oprah, challenges her for 2020 run
Donald Trump slams Oprah, challenges her for 2020 run

Addis Ababa: Vulgar comments attributed to US President Donald Trump have caused outrage across Africa. Trump reportedly used the word “s**thole” to describe Haiti and El Salvador, as also African countries, while discussing immigration issues with US lawmakers on Thursday.

Speaking to Xinhua, Abebe Ayente, senior researcher at Ethiopian Foreign Relations Strategic Studies (EFRSS), a local think tank, said the comments will further reduce the influence of US on the global stage.

Trump issued a statement on Friday denying the vulgar words attributed to him, though he admitted to having used strong language in the Thursday discussion.

Trump’s alleged remarks have caused outrage across the world with officials in African, European, Latin American countries and UN expressing condemnation and summoning US diplomats in protest.

Ayene said the undiplomatic word used by the US President that shocked the diplomatic community across the globe will likely have a long-lasting impact.

The African Union (AU) issued a statement on Friday evening calling Trump’s reported remarks outrageous and hurtful.

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