Winter session of Parliament ends without transacting any major business

Winter session of Parliament ends without transacting any major business
Winter session of Parliament ends without transacting any major business
Lucknow: The two houses of  parliament were adjourned  for an indefinite period on Friday without transacting much official business. The one- month winter session had begun on November 16.
Excepting two bills,  one each  by them, no major official business was transacted during the  session. Most of the allotted time was  lost to noise and dust raised over demonetisation. The only major bill passed  by the Lok Sabha was related to amendment in the Income Tax Act. 
In terms of productivity, the lower house percentage was six while for the Rajya Sabha it was even lower,  two per cent. The productivity percentage is arrived at  on the generic viagra basis of actual sitting time  and the time allotted for the sitting each day.
It is the second time in last 17 years that the session has concluded without  doing much. The recent  worst year in this connection was 2010.
The opposition is much to blame as almost every day it raised the demonetisation issue, creating noisy scenes leading to the adjournment of the House for the day. One or two days were wasted on the Prime Minister. When Narendra Modi was not present in the House, the opposition demanded his presence and did modvigil not allow it to function during  his absence. Sometimes when he was present members raised some other issues and forced the presiding officer to adjourn the House.
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Each minute of  the House costs the state exchequer Rs 2.5 lakhs. Clearly, none paid any heed to it and precious time was wasted.
As in 2010, considerable time was consumed by demand for setting up of a joint parliamentary committee. The demand was made  by the BJP which was the main opposition then. This time the Congress insisted on the same thing taking away much time . Neither then nor now the demand was conceded but valuable time was buy viagra online lost  both the times. The JPC was demanded this time on demonetisation which was announced on November 8 , nearly a week of before the start of the session.

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