Samajwadi Party is mine, won’t give it to Akhilesh: Mulayam

Samajwadi Party is mine, won't give it to Akhilesh: Mulayam
Samajwadi Party is mine, won't give it to Akhilesh: Mulayam

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party President Mulayam Singh Yadav clearly indicated that he was not willing to give up his party post at any cost.

Addressing workers at the party office in Lucknow before leaving for Delhi on Wednesday the SP President stated that he has already given everything to his son Akhilesh Yadav. “I have already given Akhilesh Yadav everything that was mine. I appointed him as the Chief Minister of the state in last elections and even declared him the CM candidate for upcoming elections too. What else does he wants,” Mulayam Singh Yadav stated.

Netaji was accompanied by his brother Shivpal Yadav who along with him left for New Delhi to hold a meeting with the Election Commission.

The SP national president assured party workers that the Samajwadi Party would never break and even asked each of the supporters to promise him that they would always be by his side during the difficult times. “I assure you all that I would not let the party break until my last breath. I have neither asked for a new name and symbol of the party nor would let any one else do so,” Mulayam Sing Yadav said.

Expressing his displeasure over Ram Gopal Yadav’s move of applying to get authority of the party symbol ‘Cycle’ Yadav said that everyone now knows who is conspiring against SP.

“Ram Gopal yadav has joined hands with the Bhartiya Janata Party and wants to form a new party named as Akhil Bhartiya Samajwadi party but I would not let him do so. I want all of you to promise me that you would not stop supporting me,” Yadav stated.

Mulayam Singh Yadav on Ram Gopal yadav:

  • He is working as an agent of BJP and conspiring against us.
  • If he would have asked me I had helped him in every possible way to protect his son and daughter-in-law.
  • I would never allow anyone to harm the Samajwadi Party

Mulayam Singh praises Shivpal Yadav:

The SP national President praised his brother for his unconditional support during the initial years of the party. Here is What he said…

  • Shivpal Yadav has been with me and the party during the initial days of the formation of the Samajwadi Party.
  • He along with me had suffered lathis and even went to jail with me.
  • Shivpal had even faced life threats.