Happy Chocolate Day 2017: Always a delight to receive or to give

Happy Chocolate Day 2017: Always a delight to receive or to give

Lucknow: Now, here comes the third day of Valentine’s week i.e. Chocolate Day. Celebrate this chocolate day with your love and bring more sweetness to your relationship. Share the chocolate with the beautiful lines which will definitely melt the heart of your bae. Newstrack.com brings you the Happy Chocolate Day messages, Happy Chocolate Day quotes […]

Happy Propose Day 2017…! Make them fall for you this valentine

Lucknow: The second day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Propose day i.e. on October 8. Youngsters across the globe eagerly wait for the day to express their feelings to the one whom they love. So guys and girls be ready! All those who were waiting to utter those three magical words can share their […]

Love your eyes because they are windows of the soul

Lucknow: Sometimes eyes speak more than words. Eyes not only provide glory to external appearance but also reflect the Inner beauty of a person. Everyone loves to have sparkling and bright eyes. So to keep your eyes glittering like stars Newstrack.com brings you some beauty tips to get attractive and beautiful eyes. CUCUMBER   Cucumber is considered to be the […]

Tips to keep a healthy heart, so we won’t be apart…!!!

Lucknow: The heart is one of the most significant organs in the entire human body. It is composed of muscles and it pumps blood throughout the body, beating approximately 72 times in a minute. The heart pumps blood that carries all the vital materials and helps the body function properly, removing the waste. As healthy heart […]

The growing trend of designer vaginas or labiaplasty!

PHOTOS: The growing trend of designer vaginas or labiaplasty!

Mumbai: More and more women in India are getting inclined for labiaplasty or fondly known as ‘designer vaginal surgery’. Fashion or enhanced sexual arousal not being the only reasons quoted by doctors as now-a-days in maximum cases, women suffering with major vaginal diseases are opting for the treatment. “Vaginal Rejuvenation”, the common term used by […]