UPites love penis enlargement while Mumbaikars are the horniest

UPites love penis enlargement while Mumbaikars are the horniest

Lucknow: The surprising data revealed by an adult product retailer in India shows that Uttar Pradesh tops in penis enlargement surgery, while Maharashtra is the horniest state and the capital of Goa, Panji has the most foreplay lovers.

The data has been analysed by That’s Personal – a sexual wellness startup that legally retails adult products in India.

The data has been recovered from around 6 million customers, the brand served on regular basis in the past four years.

While people from entire Maharashtra buy the maximum number of sex products across India, the country’s glamour world Mumbai tops in the horniest (individual) category.

Meanwhile, Karnataka and West Bengal remained at second and third spot respectively, when it comes to buying sex toys.

The research revealed that people in Delhi and Bengaluru order maximum sex toys after Mumbai and they are kept at second and third spot in the list of horniest cities in India.

While men order lubricants the maximum in all the adult products, women go for intimate massagers.

Women in Punjab loves excitement while having sex, shows their choice of buying most sexcitement items. People in Gujarat are termed tech-savvy as they go for sex games for fulfilling their sexual pleasure.

Not only the sex products, people in India also keep in mind the month of buying such products. The data revealed that March remains the least horny month while February the maximum.


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