Nation slams SP leader Abu Azmi for his sexist comments

Nation slams SP leader Abu Azmi for his sexist comments

Lucknow: Close on the heels of shameful incident of Bengaluru, another shocker came from Samajwadi Party (SP) MLA Abu Azmi who held women’s dress sense for crimes against them.

It was only a couple of days ago, when a number of girls were publically groped despite the presence of heavy police force at the MG Road and Brigade Road in Bengaluru.

While the entire nation has been condemning the Bengaluru incident, a senior politician came out with extremely sexist and disgraceful comment about the fairer sex.

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“If a girl celebrates after dark, she should go with her husband, father and not with strangers,” said Azmi, adding, “Women call nudity fashion.”

He also made unsavoury comments on the girls in the wake of Bengaluru incident saying they were molested because they were short clothes.

“Sugar will surely attract ants,” stated Azmi.

“There should be strict action against those (women) going against our culture. I accept that attraction happens between men and women but we need to take precautions,” he added.

On being asked for his views on nation security in the nation, he claimed that women are changing the Indian culture and westernisation is a black spot on our culture. He went on slamming the women for embracing the western culture.

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