Totalling errors in CBSE Class 12 Results 2017 highlighted

CBSE board exam 2018 date sheet likely to release today
CBSE board exam 2018 date sheet likely to release today

New Delhi: After NEET, CBSE has been engulfed by another controversy, with several students complaining that there have been huge errors in the totalling of marks in class 12 board examinations.

The matter was highlighted when two students who have passed their intermediate examination recently applied to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for re-evaluation of their marks, their score went up to in 90s.

A student from Delhi, who scored above 90 in all her subjects, was horrified when she learnt to have scored mere 68 in mathematics and another student in the national capital, who had scored equally well in English, Business Studies and Fine Arts got a setback when she scored 42 in maths.

Shockingly, these were not the only cases as it was found that the number of applications for verification of marks has been unprecedented.

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If this was not enough another case of a Mumbai student, who scored 80 per cent and above in all his subjects but managed to get just 50 in maths, came to light. After verification, his marks were revised to 90.

The totalling errors went to an extreme when an economics student who was ‘failed’ with 9 marks finally ended up getting 45.

The CBSE officials have admitted that the re-evaluation has revealed a huge number of counting errors in the 2017 CBSE results.

There was, however, no official response from the senior dignitaries regarding the issue. Nobody has come out and stated anything on the matter.

CBSE currently only allows verification while re-evaluation is possible only after a court order.

According to the CBSE officials the difference in the totalling process could be due to various reasons, such as detachment of supplementary answer books and many others.