Facebook acquires startup focused on video-editing

Facebook closes street artist's page for 'hate speech'
Facebook closes street artist's page for 'hate speech'

San Francisco: In a bid to build on its Augmented Reality (AR) ambitions, Facebook has acquired German computer vision startup Fay Teq, which is known for its video-editing technology that makes it possible to add or remove objects from existing videos.

Facebook has confirmed the acquisition but did not share any additional information on its plans, Variety reported on Saturday.

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The social network major can use the technology for object tracking in live videos as part of its AR efforts and also for applying digital effects to captured videos.

Fay Teq had been selling plug-ins for video editors like ‘Adobe After Effects’ that allowed video-editors to track objects in videos and then add or remove objects with help of the tracking data.

The company on Friday told its customers that its products and services are no longer available for purchase, the report added.

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